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Our company was established in 1997 in Lučenec. Our company started its new activity this year in the beginning of June, it enters the artificial stone distribution market. We have more than 20 years of experience in fabricating material DuPont™ Corian®. Together with its producer, the US based chemical company, DuPont our aim is to create a reliable supply chain of the above mentioned material, most importantly finding partners for fabrication throughout Slovakia. The main focus will be on manufacturing high quality DuPont™ Corian® products and also providing related services of the highest level.


Besides the distribution of DuPont™ Corian® our firm provides also training courses relating to the fabrication processes of the material. During the whole period of the collaboration it will provide further services such as advisory, technical and marketing support. All that we offer can only be found in our company that is unique with such specialization in Central-Eastern Europe.


The team of highly qualified specialists is looking forward the successful collaboration.

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In the first place as a distributor, our company fulfills tasks regarding logistics. That includes supplying the raw materials, eg. Corian boards, glues, other accessories and promotional materials. Further roles of logistics are storing, packing and repacking of the boards in our store in Lučenec. Eventually we secure the transport of the material to our partners on time, in the demanded quality and quantity.


The aim of our company is to expand the professional fabricators network of material DuPont™ Corian®. This goal is to be reached by training companies with serious attitudes towards fabricating this material, and with devotion to promoting and expanding the artificial stone market represented by DuPont™ Corian®.

You can find further information about the training and the conditions of the participation in the menu point “Training course”.


In order to provide our clients high quality not only in the form of an excellent material, but also first class rendition and professional services, we will constantly educate our partners, inform them about the news, support their manufacturing activity, etc. We will do so to achieve the highest quality and to be able to fulfill demanding tasks and challenges in the segment of artificial stone materials.

The goal of spreading this material among fabricators is not the sold quantity, but the expansion of the market while the final product’s quality remains the same. This is the reason we pay attention to the quality of the manufacturing activity and suitability of the processes used in the fabrication by our clients. In advance we provide technical support regarding these fabrication processes if needed. We would like to build business relationships based on long-term collaboration and trust. As the activity of our partners directly influences our references on the market, it is our business interest to support them.

To apply the above mentioned support or in case you have questions of any kind, please contact us through phone, e-mail or personally in our headquarters in Lučenec.

Additional materials and information are available for our partners in the subsection Entry for partners after entering their login names and passwords. Moreover those interested in our activity and offers can find a range of downloadable materials, catalogues and maintenance manuals on the website. Most of these materials are available for the public.