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Deep Colour

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DuPont™ Corian® introduces a new standard for solid surfaces in dark colours with its innovative DeepColour™ Technology.


Through special science-based innovations this technology offers:

  • a darker, deeper, richer colour appearance,
  • minimized scratch visibility,
  • reduced whitening caused by impact, heat or thermoforming,
  • higher abrasion-resistance

From 1 February 2014, our range of products is extended by four black colour types made with DeepColour™ Technology:

  • Deep Nocturne – classic jet black 
  • Deep Black Quartz – an infinite black landscape offset by a vivid array of ivory specks (intended for kitchen countertops)
  • Deep Anthracite – lustrous black immersed with minute flecks of silver
  • Deep Night Sky – midnight black with a galaxy of translucent particles (intended for kitchen countertops)

For those interested in modern black surfaces, this technology offers new universal solutions. We will soon introduce some other new colours that connect beauty and efficiency in a whole new way.